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This Blog is focused primarily on and for Senior and Handicapped-Disabled persons,and their experiences and hardships while traveling in the Philippines. Also: guide services, wheelchair-disabled persons access to hotels, resorts, restaurants, transportation, filipina caregivers, entertainment and retirement within and to the Philippines/Asia. Also including any and all customs, culture, immigration and legal matters. WE HAVE OVER TWENTY (20) YEARS EXPERIENCE TRAVELING AND ASSISTING OTHERS TRAVELING TO THE PHILIPPINES, BOTH FOR TRAVEL AND IMMIGRATION PETITION ASSISTANCE!

If you know of a great location, hotel, resort or resturaunt that is happy to have and serve Handicapped-Disabled or Senior (Elder) Americans with respect and friendly service and disposition, please be sure to tell us all. Be sure to tell us all WHY you believe they deserve your praise and our business! (Likewise, explain the why and how of any bad experiences you may report.)

Also be assured that we are always ready to accompany anyone who wishes guide-consultant who is familiar with the Philippines, including those who are disabled and need assistance!

Remember that every couple months we travel there and will verify your input. If we agree, we will mark your comment as VERIFIED. If not, we will so state and delete the comment.

Also, even though the Philippines is a great place to retire, there are very specific procedures, forms, laws and rules you must abide before doing so.  And due to many SCAMS perpetrated on foreigners, it is VERY important that you know how and where to investigate investments and property BEFORE you shell out your hard earned and saved cash! Especially if you are buying for yourself and your new wife-spouse-asawa!

For more information, or if you have questions, please feel free to email us at:, and  be sure to check out the main website at: .