This section of the Blog is focused primarily on Senior and Handicapped-Disabled persons, guide services, wheelchair-disabled persons access to hotels, resorts, restaurants, transportation, filipina caregivers, entertainment and retirement within and to the Philippines/Asia. Also including any and all customs, culture, immigration and legal matters. OVER TWENTY (20) YEARS EXPERIENCE!

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FEEDBACK: As always, your comments, questions and/or suggestions are invited and greatly appreciated! Also, Should you have a “Philippine Based or Related” story you would like covered, please feel free to contact us! (Priority will be given to disability-related stories and comments, but all are welcome.).¬† Questions and comments regarding guide and/or Immigration petition assistance are also welcome. We are also interested in great Pilipino foods! If you have a favorite Carenderia or restaurant you think makes the greatest dish, or, why do you believe your favorite hotel or resort in the Philippines is worth sharing? Let us know about it and what makes it excel.

We are also always searching for host families in the Philippines, for our reporters/verifiers to stay (usually just 2 or 3 days) , this allows us to save money, help host families, and be neutral in reporting since it saves us from having any fiduciary interest or link to the location/s we are reporting.. Dont worry about the size of your house, or even if it is finished, we are adaptable. Even Bahay Kubo or Dampa, we have seen and experienced it all! (Any and all Host family contacts or identification is strictly confidential.)