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Update for 2009


When reading the following, please keep in mind that most Filipina (Pinay) are honest, wonderful, hard-working, loving and loyal and diligent ladies. My own wife is Filipina. The examples of warnings, scams, games, fraud and deceit listed below are provided to you for your information only, to educate you and with the hopes that you will be careful with both your heart and your money! The need to investigate your own case further may or may not become obvious.

Assuming that you have already decided to travel to the Philippines, this page has been prepared to focus primarily on the travel tips, warnings and scams which you need to be aware of BEFORE you land in the Philippines. If you have not already done so, be sure to read our page aimed specifically at INTERNET WARNINGS AND SCAMS to WATCH OUT FOR PRIOR TO YOUR GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES!


Like it or not, as a Caucasian with blonde hair and maybe blue eyes, etc., or even if you are black, and speaking English, you are a target! Every where you go, most Filipinos know that at any time and any place, you probably have more money in your pocket than they make in an entire year! This is the reality of the situation, and you need to think that way when traveling throughout the Philippines.

It is commonly believed that all Americans or Balikbayans (Filipinos who are now living in the USA) are rich. Therefore, it is not thought of as “stealing” or “taking advantage” if a Filipino can take you for extra money. In fact, it will not take long before you realize that it seems like everybody is doing it to you. This attitude has left many an American bad-mouthing the Philippines and the Filipino people. You have to remember that even if you move to the Philippines, you are and always will be, a foreigner, and as such, you will always be expected to pay more than the native Filipinos for just about everything.

The best advise I can give you in this regards, is to always avoid the so-called “piso mentality”. (In the Philippines, Peso is spelled Piso, as you will note printed on their money.) Before you travel there, just keep in mind whatever the current exchange rate is. If it is 50 to 1, then 100 Pisos is only $2.00! There are many things that you can do, see or purchase at unbelievable prices, and if you keep a “Dollar Mentality”, you will surely enjoy your trip much more than the individual who maintains a “Piso Mentality”.

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