You have just located the ORIGINAL PHILIPPINE TRAVELERS BLOG and WEBSITE.  The website has been in operation for 15 years and has gone through 3 web hosts in that time period.

Oh well, the Blog is now up and running. I hope to provide a place where travelers can either praise or complain about their adventures, activities and experiences while traveling inor to the Philippines or Asia. Especially for those who are disabled/handicapped and/or older senior adventurers who have had either great, pleasant or horrible experiences experiences while traveling in the Philippine Islands/Asia.

Also, if you are considering your first trip to the Philippines, and need assistance, or even a guide or assistance in preparing your petition, feel free to contact us.

Say whatever you will, but be FAIR in your reporting. Be sure to tell us WHY or HOW a certain place was Great, or Lousy!  We don’t want to hear only about the facilities and wheelchair access, elevators, wheelchair ramp access, but also HOW you were treated by the staff at places you traveled to, ate at, stayed at, etc.. (We especially appreciate it when your comments are supported by photos and/or video clips). If you post your videos on Youtube, please send us a link and we will post it here with your comments.

Many times when traveling in PINAS (Philippines)/Asia, I have found a particular FACILITY failing, but the STAFF actually made my stay a pleasant experience! Well, lets give credit to those persons too!

In closing, remember that we do make many trips to Philippines, and whenever possible, we will go out of our way to verify your comments. :)

In fact, during the month of December, we are usually in the Philippines researching various hotels, resorts, restaurants, tourist destinations, etc. Be sure to catch the December-January reports and videos.

I will also tell you that there is no better place to be during the Holiday season (Christmas, Pasko in Tagalog), than the Philippines! The people in the Philippines are so friendly, happy and industrious! I especially love the Christmas Carolers. My own favorite Christmas song is “Pasko Na Sinta Ko”, made famous by Gary V.

That is why, almost every year at Holiday time, we are guiding and assisting client or readers who wishes us/me to accompany them.  In addition to serving as their guide, the service most requested is to help them gather sufficient documents, photos and evidence for the petition for their loved one/s.  Should YOU need such assistance, feel free to email me. If you would like a call back, just leave your number.  To assure you get priority and to avoid the spam file, place the words “TRAVEL and/or PETITION ASSISTANCE” in the subject line and at top of email. I have been to almost all islands and have many friends  and/or family throughout the Philippine Islands. Most times we stay at one of my friend’s houses, which saves a lot of money instead of paying hotels everywhere.

Or, perhaps you  just wish to read our scams and travel tips and warnings section. If so, just click here.

ATTENTION: For those of you who came here expecting to see the Philippine Traveler website that has been on the net for 15 years, I am just as shocked as you are!!  I am no computer genius, and I was attempting to create a BLOG that was SEPARATE from the informative website I have had for  15 years! (On our current server for 12 yrs). Much to my surprise, when I came back to check the website, WALA!!! OMG, My web-page was completely gone, and this little Blog was in its place!   So this Blog will always appear first, and to check out the website, just go to http://www.philippine-travelers.com/page_3.php.

For more information, or if you have questions, please feel free to email us at: philippine_travelers@yahoo.com, and  be sure to check out the main website at: http://www.philippine-travelers.com/page_3.php .  Also, be sure to check our blog profile. After all, it’s free and here to read! ha ha

* * End * *

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